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Expert Car Removal in Covington, GA

All Star Towing & Transportation Inc is a reputable towing company that is based in Covington, GA. To our valued clients, we are proud to offer various services such as towing, hauling, jump-starts, roadside assistance, wrecker service, and more. We’ve dedicated the present page to our junk car removal service.

Car Removal in Covington, GA

Don’t let that old and useless vehicle sit on your property and detract from its appearance or functionality. Get rid of that piece of junk to free up space for new projects and a fresh start. The faster you do this, the better you will feel.

Moreover, this piece of junk on your property may become home to other pieces of junk, and even pests. So, do not delay getting rid of it. Otherwise, you will jeopardize your health as well as your quality of life.

No matter how badly car removal might be needed, however, it’s not a job for everyone. A car is a massive piece of machinery. Due to its size and weight, getting rid of it when it’s no longer operable is a difficult task. That is why you need the assistance of a company like ours. We will transport your vehicle away from your property and to a location where it is going to be sold for parts and scrap.

Our company has over six years of experience in the industry. We are a licensed business that is also insured, bonded. Also, we offer warranties on our work. Our team works fast yet efficiently, is punctual, and always courteous and respectful. Do not hesitate to turn to us when you have a useless car on your property. We will haul it away as quickly as possible and leave you with a big sense of relief.

When you need our car removal service in Covington, GA, contact All Star Towing & Transportation Inc at (770) 679-8268. We are looking forward to making your life easier.